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3D point cloud data is one of the most complex types of machine learning data used to generate the most useful training datasets for autonomous vehicles. LiDAR data is annotated with 3D point cloud annotation to make the objects more precisely detectable to a self-driving car.

LiDAR & 3D Point Cloud Annotation

LIDAR is a kind of remote sensing technology using light in the form of a pulsed laser combined with other data recorded by the airborne system to generate precise, three-dimensional (3D) information about the shape of the Earth, its surface characteristics, and various objects visible there.

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A bunch of LIDAR data put into the…

The video annotation services offered by Anolytics is available for wide-ranging AI development fields like autonomous vehicles, human activity or poses to recognize the facial expressions and detect the activities for machine learning. It is also providing live video annotation service using the most advance tools and techniques to annotated the moving objects with best level of accuracy while ensuring the safety of data at each stage of annotation and data delivery.

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In computer vision world, objects can be viewed through images. And classifying, tagging, segmenting and annotating these are images are important to make the objects of interest perceivable to machines. And in AI world, computer vision is playing big role helping the models understand the scenario around the world making AI possible through machine learning or deep learning.

What is Image Segmentation?

Image segmentation is the process of partitioning of digital images into various parts or regions (of pixels) reducing the complexities of understanding the images to machines. …

3D cuboid image annotation technique is one of the critical process, helps machines to recognize the all the three dimensions of the objects. This image annotation process is used to detect the objects in-depth that helps to train the 3D visual perception model.

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Actually, this image annotation technique helps to build the ground truth datasets for AI models need more accuracy in recognizing the objects in-depth. Self-driving cars, autonomous vehicles and AI models need to recognize the objects kept inside the house.

3D Cuboid Annotation for Robot Training

The robots are basically used to pick the boxes or other items…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting integrated into vital fields making human life more efficient and productive. Similarly, AI in agriculture is making agriculture and farming easier with computer vision-based crop monitoring and production system.

AI Robots, drones and automated machines are playing a big role in harvesting, ripping, health monitoring and improving the productivity of the crops. But do you know how these AI-enabled machines help in precise agriculture and farming?

Actually, these AI machines work on computer vision technology and AI models are trained through annotated images fed using the right machine learning algorithms. Image annotation is the process…

Image annotation is becoming important for computer vision based all types of AI models developed through machine learning. In agriculture sector AI has set foot through various advance equipment system and techniques, making this field more productive and efficient.

Yes, robotics, drones and AI-enabled machines are dedicatedly used in agricultural sector for performing various tasks. Actually, all these machines works on computer vision based technology. And these AI-enabled machines are trained through training data sets generated through images annotation.

Image Annotation for AI and Machine Learning

Image annotation is the data labeling technique used to make the varied objects recognizable…

AI in medical diagnosis is can help doctors to detect various types of diseases automatically without radiologists. X-rays, CT Scan and MRI are the medical imaging used to diagnosis the diseases with the help AI-enabled devices, applications or system trained with high-quality training data.

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There are many medical data sets that can be used to train for medical diagnosis for different types of diseases. For AI in medical diagnosis mainly annotated data sets ate used to train the AI model that can learn how to detect the various ailments with acceptable level of accuracy. …

Image annotation services becoming more imperative owing to more development in computer vision based AI models for the new fields. Agriculture is one of the most vital field need such cutting-edge technology to improve the crop yield and boost the productivity with less efficiency.

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Actually, image annotation is the more precise technique to make the various objects recognizable to machines using the deep learning algorithms. In agriculture field image annotation helps to make crops and other things recognizable to make the right decision without use of humans. …

Watch this video about training data for satellite imagery for machine learning and AI. The video contains the types of training dataset for satellite imagery is created for machine learning training. The audiovisual is also showing what types of image annotation techniques are used to create the satellite images datasets that are used to train the machine learning algorithms for right prediction. The video by Anolytics that provides the image annotation service for machine learning and AI models.

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AI applications for satellite imagery is expanded into the multiple levels for machine learning training to extract the useful information for developing the AI models for same fields. AI models are developed through machine learning or deep learning use in space monitoring through satellite images needs the training data for detecting the various objects from such altitude for field mapping or urban planning.

AI Applications for Satellite Imagery

Actually, in artificial satellites or manmade satellites, AI is used in two ways — One-level” applications and Multi-level” applications. So we need to discuss both the applications of AI for satellite imagery…

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