Which Image Annotation Companies are Providing Services during Corona Outbreak?

The Coronavirus pandemic outbreak has compelled the central as well as state governments to lockdown the cities and towns across the locations. Companies are sealed, operations are halted and productions in various sectors stopped due to such lockdowns and restrictions to different types of companies. And there are many companies not able to operate due to corona outbreak.

What About Image Annotation Companies?

Along with other companies, AI and machine learning related various companies also go affected. And various other companies associated with AI and machine learning services also got affected but there are many companies managed to operate with strict rules and regulations to operate safely.

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Similarly, only image annotation companies are also operating to annotate and label the data set for machine learning and AI companies. Actually, there are few companies capable to operate with all the facilities and following the safety measures to avoid any spread of coronavirus among the annotators.

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Anolytics is one the leading image annotation companies operating with world-class data labeling service to annotate the different types and amount of training data sets for machine learning and AI. Despite coronavirus outbreak, it is managed to operate with full efficiency and productivity.

How Image Annotation Companies are Operating in Corona Outbreak?

Actually, the task of image annotation is completely done on computer systems and if annotators are well-trained and don’t need any special instructions, they can annotate the images while working from their homes with same level of quality and productivity. Hence, Anolytics like image annotation companies don’t need to stop their core operations, as they can follow the work-from-home strategy and provide the training data set for machine learning and AI development in different sectors.

Not only team of well-trained employees and highly skilled annotators, Anolytics is also capable to operate its offices during the coronavirus outbreak. It has installed all the safety and precaution management system with time-to-time sanitization and disinfection of workstations and office premises. It is following the social distancing at work places and also instructing its employees to make sure there is room to get infected with Coronavirus or further spread of this disease.

Why Anolytics for Image Annotation Services During COVID-19?

Anolytics is dedicatedly involved in image annotation services and it has team of highly experienced annotators to annotate the images with extra level of accuracy. Working for different types of AI and machine learning companies, Anolytics has gained the enough experience to annotate the different types of images for different types of AI models developed through machine or deep learning. And during corona outbreak, while operating work-from-home, it can annotate the huge quantity of images with best level of accuracy for right model development at same reasonable charges.

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