Steps to keep in mind while choosing Video Annotation service

Video annotation is the process in which annotators watch the video to gain insights into it by tagging or labelling that particular clip. The process is executed to prepare a dataset for training machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) models. It helps in detecting, classifying and identifying objects in a given video with precision. Apart from this it also creates video transcriptions easily.

Video annotation is partially similar to image annotation as it recognizes objects through computer vision. In simpler words, Video annotation is the process in which annotators view the video and gives answers to the questions involved in it. The reason to annotate the videos is to gain insights into the video like the activity shown in the video, persons in the video, and among others. Once all the answers are received, the researchers then devised a “Supervised learning” way to develop the algorithm.

When compared to image annotation, video annotation is more complex because of the moving objects in the visual file while in Image annotation the object is still and it is easier to annotate the image through cuboids, lines and splines, bounding boxes, or other annotation modes.

Things to keep in mind while choosing Video Annotation Services

In current times this outsourcing is in demand. Not because it lessens the workload but also increases the quality. But in order to pick these services, one must be careful in choosing the correct company.

Below is the sequence of steps that one has to follow to reap the benefits of the service.

1. Identify the Need

Before outsourcing video annotation solutions, one must think about the need. In other words, one has to be clear on why do you want video data to be annotated? What will you achieve by doing so? and once these questions are clear then you must to for this service as it will give more quality rather than doing it in-house.

2. Focusing on the Selection Criteria

There are a lot of factors that one has to keep in mind before going to outsource the service. Not only the financial aspect but technical aspect should also be considered like technology capability, resourcing strength, multilingual coverage, management support, etc. All these parameters should be discussed before selecting the partner.

3. Spread the word, Invite Interest

The next step is to start searching for potential companies which can do the task with perfection and in a given time frame. At this stage, one needs to ensure the requirement is known reasonably well and from that, the partner will emerge that will take over this task for you. And then, one has to share the information like

Brief description

Volume of work

Timelines expected

Technology/ Tools to be used

Manpower qualifications

How does it help?

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Making millions of annotations with a hundred per cent accuracy is a difficult task. To make it practical, one needs a perfect annotation partner and for this Anolytics.Ai is a complete annotation partner, which can annotate your image/audio/video files very accurately at a low price by ensuring 100 per cent security. Anolytics.Ai provides the best quality annotated videos using the best-in-class video annotation tool for deep learning or machine learning. They use advanced video annotation tool computer vision to annotate videos with accuracy and the experts can also do live video annotation with the help of efficient and advanced tools and techniques.

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