Importance of Image Annotations and Where to Get Best Services

Image annotation is a human-powered task of annotating the image with labels. These labels are prearranged by AI engineers and provide computer vision model information about what is displayed in the image. There are various types of annotation depending on what one is trying to achieve.

Image annotation methods majorly have three categories:

1. Retrieval-Based Image Annotation

2. Classification-Based Image Annotation

3. Probabilistic-Based Image Annotation

In the era of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, image annotations and other technologies are majorly used to create various training data sets. Annotated images are used for visual, perception-based AI models to facilitate machine recognition through computer vision technology.

it is much simpler and possible to make things recognizable for appropriate predictions and it is only through computer vision technology. In simpler words, the annotated images are used to train the algorithms used for machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) training purposes.

There are six techniques used as Semantic Segmentation, Polygon Annotation, Bounding Box, Landmarking, 3D Cuboid, and among others. All these training datasets adds value to the business.

Bounding Boxes

It is one of the most commonly and frequently used annotations in all of the computer vision. In this, objects of interest are enclosed in bounding boxes. Hence, it is easy to create by simply specifying X and Y coordinates for the upper left and bottom right corners.

Polygonal Segmentation

In place of simple bounding boxes, complex polygons are used in this annotation method. It guides a computer vision system where to look for an object with much more accuracy.

Line Annotation

Lines and splines are used for this method to mark the boundaries of an interesting region and the target object.

Landmark Annotation

This method is also known as dot annotation, in this method, dots are used as the annotations around the interested or target objects.

3D Cuboids

This method is commonly used to target the objects which are in the 3D scenes and photos.

Semantic Segmentation

This method is where each pixel in an image is assigned with a particular semantic concept label.

If one is looking for an Image annotation company that is capable of handling large datasets, then one must go to Cogito as they have a team of highly qualified individuals capable of handling a high volume of tasks. Cogito has a dedicated team for annotation purpose only. The image annotation services offered by the company help the clients to develop high-quality training data sets which are thereby used to train and optimize AI technologies and machine learning algorithms.

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