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  • Gaurav Sharma

    Gaurav Sharma

    Unfocused writer who can easily switch into a photographer’s hat.

  • Mindbowser


    Thought leader in IoT, Chatbots and Mobile Technologies. We create experiences driven with data science. Follow us for latest updates. https://mindbowser.com/

  • Bruno Gonçalves

    Bruno Gonçalves

    Data Science, Machine Learning, Human Behavior

  • Alexandre Gonfalonieri

    Alexandre Gonfalonieri

    AI Consultant @Philips | I write about AI and BCI https://www.linkedin.com/in/agonfalonieri9/

  • Deep Learning Türkiye

    Deep Learning Türkiye

  • Alvira Swalin

    Alvira Swalin

    Data Scientist @Uber, MSDS @USF, IIT Bombay Alumnus, www.linkedin.com/in/alvira-swalin

  • Jeremy Stanley

    Jeremy Stanley

    Founder and CTO at Anomalo; previously VP Data Science at Instacart.

  • Vincent Mühler

    Vincent Mühler

    Bringing OpenCV to JavaScript https://github.com/justadudewhohacks/opencv4nodejs

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