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Anolytics is providing image annotation for ML and AI-based computer vision object recognition into various industries. Read more :


  • M Rahman Shakil

    M Rahman Shakil

  • Dr. David Martin

    Dr. David Martin

    I write about leadership, tech, education, current affairs and life in general from Seoul, South Korea (poetry, too!). Email me at

  • Jason H. Smith, MD, MBA, FAWM

    Jason H. Smith, MD, MBA, FAWM

    Chief Medical Officer, Family Physician, blogger and podcaster at Educating others on the wilds of nature, medicine and leadership.

  • Brandon Coetzee

    Brandon Coetzee

    The best writer that never wrote anything :-)

  • Daniel Reagan Diggins

    Daniel Reagan Diggins

    Bachelor's Degree Political Science University of Nevada, Reno....father, husband, libertarian populist, Gonzo-aficionado, red pill SJW, odder than most...

  • Ioannis Kourouklides

    Ioannis Kourouklides

    AI Researcher and Data Scientist. Content focused on Research & Innovation, especially AI, ML, DS. CENSORED on LinkedIn for posting scientific and other facts.

  • Alexis Wang

    Alexis Wang

    An 18-year-old student working to help others and explore STEM!

  • VIROCON 2016

    VIROCON 2016

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